An exciting, thought-provoking, mystery adventure for children that weaves ancient Egyptian myths with long-forgotten medieval tales and family secrets into a story of a battle to protect a way of life.

The Mucklebury Sunstone - Introduction

In 1351 BC, Amenhotep IV succeeded his father, Amenhotep III, to become pharaoh of ancient Egypt. His elder brother, Tuthmose, should have been the next ruler but he disappeared from the record some years before.

No one knows why.

What Amenhotep did next was unexpected. He changed his name to Akhenaten and forced his people to turn away from the worship of many gods to the worship of just one – The Aten or sun disc.

No one knows why.

After his death he was succeeded by his son, Tutankhaten. His father’s monuments were taken down and his statues destroyed.

His son also changed his name - to Tutankhamun - and the cult of the sun disc was no more.

Was the worship of the Aten just an aberration of one man or was there something more to it?

What we do know is that almost 3500 years later, the mysterious disappearance of a young archaeologist, inside an ancient Egyptian tomb, lit the end of a fuse which had been waiting to be re-ignited ever since the death of Akhenaten, the heretic pharaoh.

In the peaceful and unique little village-town of Mucklebury, Everest Pearmain and his friends, Cara Greengrass, Tristan Shandy and Lizzie Sawbones find themselves at the wrong end of that fuse.

They must battle together to discover the truth before the bomb goes off.