An exciting, thought-provoking, mystery adventure for children that weaves ancient Egyptian myths with long-forgotten medieval tales and family secrets into a story of a battle to protect a way of life.

The Mucklebury Sunstone - a mystery adventure story for children

Everest Pearmain and his friends, Cara, Tristan and Lizzie, live happily in the peaceful and unique little village-town of Mucklebury, unaware that an ancient stone with supernatural powers lies hidden on their doorstep.

When they stumble across the Mucklebury Sunstone for the first time, they also find out that Ebeneezer Scourge has got there before them.

His plans to force their world into a New Technological Age could mean the end of their idyllic way of life.

They refuse to just stand by and let it happen.

Their determination leads them on a journey of discovery, unearthing ancient Egyptian myths, medieval tales, local legends and long-buried family secrets.

When they come face to face with what Scourge's future will look like, they know what they have to do.

They are pitched headlong into a race against time to escape their enemy and find a way to get back to Mucklebury, before their world is catapulted into ours.

Read an introduction and the first three chapters here.