An exciting, thought-provoking, mystery adventure for children that weaves ancient Egyptian myths with long-forgotten medieval tales and family secrets into a story of a battle to protect a way of life.

The Mucklebury Sunstone


In 1351 BC Amenhotep IV succeeded his father, Amenhotep III, to become pharaoh of ancient Egypt. read on>>

Chapter One - A Disappearance

In the searing heat of the Egyptian desert on the East bank of the Nile a young archaeologist, together with an old school friend, and a handful of local workers were digging their way into a long-forgotten tomb. read on>>

Chapter Two - The Village-Town of Mucklebury

As was his habit on a Monday morning, Everest found he couldn’t resist the temptation of a bag of something or other from a sweet little sweet shop which just happened to be on his route. read on >>

Chapter Three - The Crusaders Return

Nearly 800 years before Everest Pearmain was buying aniseed balls from Winnie Wetherspoon, dawn was breaking on an unseasonably cold April morning.

It was the year 1252, and fifty-three hungry, bedraggled, and exhausted men were catching their first glimpse of the familiar white cliffs, after two long years of absence. read on>>