An exciting, thought-provoking, mystery adventure for children that weaves ancient Egyptian myths with long-forgotten medieval tales and family secrets into a story of a battle to protect a way of life.

Short stories from the world of Mucklebury

Here you will find a selection of short stories to relieve the boredom of a grey afternoon when you really need something to brighten up the day.

Some of these tales will fill in the gaps in The Mucklebury Sunstone and some will be random and amusing episodes from around the village-town, or from the lives of some of the main characters.

Mucklebury Tales

Stories and yarns from the past, the present and the future of the village-town, shining a light on what it's like to live in this extraordinary place.


Everest Pearmain Stories

Take a look at what Everest and his friends have been up to, both before and after the events in The Mucklebury Sunstone.

The Chronicles of Laxton Pearmain

Delve into the escapades of Mucklebury's resident Famous Adventurer. He's retired now but what a life he led before he hung up his adventurer's boots!